Finding the right one (The one)

Nayana Sharma
4 min readOct 1, 2020

This is something every man/woman wants to know isn’t it, in this online dating world we have so many options which have made it very difficult to be with one.

I don’t know about you; it’s always been difficult for me…!!

Before the colonial era began it was all about survival and reproduction as the Human brain evolved, we have come up with the concept of Marriage…

That’s when things got complicated and everyone is behind finding that one person…


I so want to be born before the colonial era, it would have been so easy and I could have fucked anyone without judgment.

The technology has advanced so much that even our parents are swiping left and right on matrimonial apps to find a match for us, just the difference is that we don’t get to hook up at the end of it and the date involves the whole family.

Funny Right…

I have been dating for quite some time now and every time I end up asking the question to myself is, he “The One”.

In 2017 there was this guy I dated, He was a dreamer, he wanted marriage, kids, house, Etc. Etc.

Everything a girl would ever dream about right.

He chased me for about a year with every move you can ever imagine of and was always available when I needed like the perfect knight and shining armor, however, when I finally gave in to him, he flipped and started to live in his dreamland.

We dated for almost a year or so, initially everything was all sunshine and as days passed, he was not available at all, like every time I reached out to him either he didn’t answer my calls or he said he was busy.

Day after day this kept on happening and I decided this I wouldn’t be able to take this anymore.

Can you imagine he brought a house for me and kept on planning the future?

Fuck that day when he called me to say this I was bewildered.

Go on… Judge me say whatever you feel like.

Whosoever I talked to told me I was stupid and asked me isn’t this you always wanted in life someone who sees the future with you?

Even I thought I wanted the same thing but (yes, there is big but here…).

He was always in the future; the future, we didn’t have any clue whether it will pave the way as we want.

Wherein I wanted to make the present memorable and lay a strong foundation, hence, that didn’t work.

Can you see the pattern here he is a classic example of a Lizard?

A lizard that lives on our walls and is just there always in their world, ignoring the fact that we exist.

After this then came in a Rat in my life…

You might be wondering who is this Rat now, a Rat is insinuated to everyone’s beloved Fuckboys or Friends with benefits.

Just like rats, they operate only in the dark, run, and hide whenever you try to get close to them emotionally.

Our brains have swayed us into them saying “one day he will change and he will be mine or he must have gone through a tough time now”.

Let’s be honest, how many of us have had this feeling that you would be the one who will change a fuckboy into a family man.

If anyone out there has changed a fuckboy into a family man then “GIRL YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR”. Respect.

Trust me people “They are never going to change”.

So, now let’s talk about what kind of person is the right one.

The right one is just like Earthworm, as earthworm burrow, they consume soil, extract nutrients from the soil and other organic things, and nurture the plant.

One for you will be just like this he/she will help you grow by nurturing you, providing all kinds of support, or just by being there for you in all situations.

He/she might not be like the one you usually dated, may not be your type, but they are going be you ever wished for in your darkest days and prayed for in the lonely night, with them it will “Feel Right”, you are no more scared of relationship, you will not have any sort of insecurity and mainly you can be you and do not have to bend over backward to be with them.

So, try and find like that.

My search is still on for someone like this, hopefully, I find one…